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"I really liked the CD - It was great to hear narration along with reading it on the screen and seeing the photos. I actually had a close call on the trip last week, but didn't overcorrect to avoid a sudden road hazard and came through it with no problems"

-Lisa S.
Central Washington University

Protect Your Organization
15-Passenger Van - Driver Improvement Course

If your organization uses a 15-passenger van there is only one way to keep the members of your organization safe. Through the certification of all your drivers with the15-Passenger Van Driver Improvement Course. Designed by Central Washington University the 15-Passenger Van Driver Improvement Course is a self-paced, fully narrated CD-ROM that will train the members of your organization in the following areas:

  • The operating differences between 15-passenger vans and standard passenger vehicles.
  • Understanding the risks associated with driving a 15-passenger van and taking the proper steps to avoid these dangers.
  • Tips to operating a 15-Passenger Van both on the road and in tight parking lots.
  • The importance of a Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection.

Because of the radical difference between a 15-passenger van and a standard passenger vehicle it is essential that anyone who operates a 15-passenger van be properly trained in its operation. By using the 15-Passenger Van Driver Improvement Course you can be assured that the members of your organization are trained and certified in the operation of a 15-Passenger Van. Certifying the members of your organization will also significantly reduce your organization's risk to accidents and costly litigation. The 15-Passenger Van Driver Improvement Course is the most comprehensive 15-Passenger Van training CD-ROM available. Your organization cannot afford to be without it.

The 15-Passenger Van Driver Improvement Course is a two-disk set, which includes:

  • Student Disk- The student disk is an hour long, self paced, fully narrated CD-ROM, which is designed to train the operation of 15-Passenger Vans without the need of an instructor. At the end of instruction a test over the material is automatically generated. Upon successful completion of the test (scoring 80% or better), a personalized Certificate of Completion can be printed.
  • Instructor Disk- The instructor disk is designed to support instruction in a classroom setting. This disk includes a PowerPoint presentation of the same material from the Student Disk. Also included on the Instructor Disk are copies of the written test and answer key, course outline, script narrative, an on-road practical evaluation, and the Certificate of Completion.

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Features and Benefits:
  • Saves You Money: By requiring that all organizational members successfully pass this course prior to van operation, your organization may be entitled to a reduced rate from your insurance company. Be sure to check with your plan administrator.
  • Proven: Improve driver awareness of the driving differences and safety issues associated with operating 15-Passenger Vans.
  • Reduces Risk: Requiring your drivers to successfully pass this course can help to ease risk management and insurance concerns associated with the operation of 15-Passenger Vans.
  • Efficient: Comprehensive training yet the material takes only 60 minutes to complete.
  • Complete: Includes both written and practical evaluations to insure that the members of your organization master and can apply the subject matter.
  • Customizable: Specific policies and state laws can be easily added to supplement the course information
  • Flexible: Can be used with equal effectiveness independently by a single person or in an instructor-led group setting.
  • Cost Effective:
    • One Time Charge - only $395.00
    • No Annual License Fees
    • No Recurring Training Fees
    • No Travel Expenses
    • Minimal Time Away From The Job

    The one time fee means a low per person training cost.
    The more people you train, the lower your cost per person.
    Training 10 Drivers costs you $39.50 each
    Training 25 Drivers only costs you $15.80 each
    Training 100 Drivers costs you $3.95 each

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Course Format:

The 15-Passenger Van Driver Improvement Course is a 60 minute course filled with important narrative content and visual images that will train the members of your organization in 15-passenger van safety. The course is divided into five sections:

  • Introduction -- The Introduction gives a general overview of the course while also providing a history of the safety issues regarding 15-passenger vans.
  • Characteristics -- The Characteristic section focuses on the unique characteristics of 15-passenger van. It also explains why these unique characteristics cause the operation of 15-Passenger Vans to be different than standard passenger vehicles.
  • Operations --The Operations section gives safety tips for the drivers of 15-passenger vans, while also showing how to operate the vehicle safely.
  • Safety --The Safety section of the course reviews generally safety rules and teaches safety guidelines that are unique to 15-passenger vans.
  • Conclusion --The Conclusion sections summarizes the entire course, and then produces a test, which the members of your organization must pass (80% or above) to become certified in the operation of 15-passenger vans.

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Learning Objectives:

When you certify the members of your organization with the 15-Passenger Van Driver Improvement Course you know that they have met the following learning objectives:

  • Describe the functional differences between 15-Passenger Vans and standard passenger vehicles.
  • Explain how and why your understanding of the risks associated with 15-Passenger Vans can influence your driving habits.
  • Explain what effect "load" has on the rollover potential of 15-Passenger Vans.
  • Describe the concept of utilizing "Reference Points" for navigating and parking a 15-Passenger Van.
  • Identify special guidelines regarding traffic safety and 15-Passenger van operation.
  • Explain how and why to conduct a Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection.

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The 15-Passenger Van Driver Improvement Course

  • The first two-disk set is $395.00
  • Any additional copies that are purchased at the same time are only $95.00 a set.

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$495 for a limited time
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  • ICAN; Chandler, AZ
  • Ava Maria University; Ava Maria, FL
  • Gulf Power Co; Pensacola, FL
  • Hallcon Crew Transportation; Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Cridge Center for the Family; Victoria, BC, Canada
  • SBBI Inc., General Contractors; Sonoita, AZ
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology; Edmonton Alberta, Canada
  • Boise State University; Boise, ID
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  • Gulf Coast Community College; Panama City, FL

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System Requirements:

This product is designed to run on Windows PC's.
System Requirements:

  • Pentium II (or equivalent) or higher PC running Microsoft Windows 98,
  • NT4x, 2000,or XP.
  • 32 MB or more of RAM
  • Sound card and speakers or headphones
  • Display resolution set to 800 x 600, minimum
  • Display color depth set to 16-bit: thousands of colors or higher
  • Support of Macintosh computers is not included in this product

(Since the Instructor Disk contains standard Office and PDF files, you may be able to run it on Macintosh computers as well, but we do not provide support for this. The Student Disk contains an executable file that will only run on Windows PC's.)

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